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Our CoreTeam

Elmien Aspeling: Managing Director & Registered Psychologist

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Elmien Aspeling has been running a private practice as Psychologist for the past 11 years and consulted in corporate environment with regards to change management and other development initiatives. She has published work in the field of adjustment after divorce in single parent families. She has written articles for magazines regarding psychological topics eg. career satisfaction, relationship, conflict etc. She recently appeared on a television production for a few episodes as an expert opinion on various topics in the psychology field. She has been involved in various initiatives in the corporate psychology world with selection, change management, workshops, presenting, identifying core problems as well as restructuring in organisations. She has obtained several additional qualifications in the psychology field apart from her Masters degree.
In private practice she has conducted over 6000 therapeutic sessions in the past years. She believes in continuous growth of herself as individual, her professional capacity and business. Her practice constantly grows not only in the number of clients but also in knowledge, expertise and multi-disciplinary connections with other medical professionals and experts in the field of holistic health and wellness.

• MA Psychology (US); (National board exam- cum laude)
• BA Hns Psychology (US);
• BA (Drama) (US), Cum laude (practical)
• Crisis intervention (CSCD) (US)
• CPP (Cognitive process profile) assessments
• Various other psychometric personality, interest and cognitive assessments
• Advanced training completed in Hypnotherapy
• Training completed in Impact therapy techniques

Registered with HPCSA (Accredited Psychologists) and accredited with all medical aids (BHF registration).


Ilé Schutte: Director & Registered Psychologist

“We can all make the world a better place through the moment-to-moment decisions we make as we interact with people.” ― Morton Shaevitz

I am particularly interested in the interactional patterns and styles of individuals as well as the effects of communication. As a human being it is impossible to NOT communicate – everything we do communicates a message, even if we are completely oblivious of the messages we are communicating. As individuals we do not only interact with family, friends, partners and colleagues, we also interact with ourselves internally as well as our environments externally. The psychology of performance, whether in business or sport, is greatly influenced by our interactions with ourselves, others and our environment.
I enjoy private practice work, as well as working with athletes to improve performance. I did my Masters degree on sport performance and find the broader field of performance psychology very interesting.

• MA Counselling Psychology (UP)
• BA Hons Psychology (UNISA)
• BSocSci Psychology (UP)
• Training and experience in various career guidance, personality and interest assessments
• Advanced training in Medical Hypno-analysis
• Training in Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA)

Registered with HPCSA (Accredited Psychologists) and accredited with all medical aids (BHF registration).


Lauren Leon: Director & Registered Psychologist

“A hero is an ordinary person who finds strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” –Christopher Reeve

By phrasing problems in solution terms, you are preparing for the next step and you are forcing your mind to focus on outcome, instead of remaining stuck on what may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Within therapy, business and performance the aim is to walk with the individual, group and/or company helping to facilitate change where needed so that they reach their desired outcomes. Because individuals, groups and companies are all different, the change process will be tailor-made for specific needs.
I did my MA research on sport performance, focusing on athlete’s abilities to perform in discomfort. Since then my interest in performance has grown to all performance contexts – individual personal performance, business performance, academic performance and sport performance. My PhD will be in the area of business performance.

• MA Counselling Psychology (UP) Cum Laude
• BA Hons Psychology (UNISA) Cum Laude
• BA Psychology (UJ)
• Training and experience in various career-related, personality, interest, learning-styles assessments
• Accredited and experience in the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI)
• Certificate in the Licence to Teach Short Learning programme (TUT)
• Training in Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA)

Registered with HPCSA (Accredited Psychologists) and accredited with all medical aids (BHF registration).